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Helping Business' Focus On Their "Business"

We’re a creative company that unveils information previously accessible only through experience.

Tailored Specifically To Meet Smaller Business' Needs

  • 100% Consideration

    Ability to take in tax codes and income numbers in order to create a multi-year plan for all enterprises

  • Codes and Loopholes

    Allows our users to adapt their practices and filings for maximum deductions and loophole exploitation

  • Generative AI

    The AI determines which codes and loopholes are pertinent for an individual enterprise’s circumstances

  • Multiple Paths

    Provides multiple options and plans, allowing the customer to re-direct his or her business in the way they wish

Everything Necessary To Handle Tax Planning And Management. All In One Place.

We provide a generative artificial intelligence that is built to account for all aspects of a business, parse tax codes specific to one's location and type of business, as well as output the correct analysis and provide options that plan for years in advance.

  • Prompts questions for increased accuracy
  • Tracks spending and forecasts tax returns
  • Adaptable to all circumstances
  • Everything a business needs, in one place
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